Real Estate

Real Estate

I have helped dozens of friends and family get the best possible deal on real estate, from buying and selling, to getting the best contractors and lender.

San Diego, CA 

I have been following San Diego real estate since the mid '90s. I recommend you read Rich Toscano's blog, "Professor Pigginton's Econo-Almanac for the Landed Poor", a San Diego housing market news and analysis blog. He started the blog in mid-2004 to chronicle San Diego’s spectacular housing bubble. The purpose of his site remains, as ever, to provide objective and evidence-based analysis of the San Diego housing market.

Mortgage Interest Rates

When buying real estate, you need to keep up to date on the latest interest rates. This will help you determine whether you should float or lock your interest rate. One way to do this is by subscribing to the Mortgage News Daily email newsletter. This newsletter will give you a run down of the latest interest rates, where they think the rates are headed, and whether you should float or lock. Subscribe here, it is free.


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