Bash Aliases

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GNU Bash is a Unix shell. It is the default terminal that comes with Apple OS X and Ubuntu.

To make it more useful, I recommend you update your .bashrc file under your profile's home directory (~/.bashrc) by adding the aliases below.

# Directory aliases.
alias ll='ls -l'
alias la='ls -la'
alias l='ls -CF'
alias c='clear'

# Project aliases.
alias dev='cd ~/dev/'
alias apps='cd ~/apps/'
alias arto='dev && cd arto_dev'
alias pdev='dev && cd python_dev'
alias jdev='dev && cd java_dev'
alias ndev='dev && cd node_dev'
alias g='gradle'

# Build aliases.
alias m='mvn clean install -U'

# Run aliases.
alias runjetty='mvn jetty:run -Djetty.http.port=8085'
alias erun='DEBUG=myapp:* npm start'
# PATH environment variable.
export PATH="$PATH:"/new/directory/""